Trigger: Double-set, single-set, 2-stage, shotgun type and 2-stage Match triggers are all available as options.
Magazine: 5 rounds (3 for magnum calibres)
Safety: Wing type safety (or options)
Length: 1.135m (44.7") or 1.185m (46.7") for magnum calibres
Weight: 3.2kg (7lbs)
Barrel: 600mm (24") or 650mm (26") for magnum calibres.
Sights: Fixed post front sight, rear with windage and elevation adjustment.Receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts.
Standard Calibres: .22/250, 5.6x57, .243, .25/06, 6.5x55, 6.5x57, 6.5x65, .270, 7x57, 7x64, .308, .30/06, 8x57, 9.3x62
Magnum Calibres: 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag.
Safety Systems: There are a number of options for safeties, in lieu of the wing safety that is fitted as standard. These options include: side safety or the Voere Safety Repeater System
Scope Mounts: Voere provide a number of QD scope mounts and QD aperture sights systems for Models 2155 and 2165.
Magazine: Either the integral Mauser 98 magazine with hinged floorplate or a detachable box magazine.
Model 2155/3: With oiled walnut stock of hogback design.


























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With timeless and classic lines, the Voere Model 2155 incorporates all the features associated with the grandfather of all hunting rifles - the Mauser 98. Indeed, the 2155 is a modern day rendition of the Type B Mauser.



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